Exotic fusion food recipes

Category: Seafood

Prawns masala fry

A dish which can be prepared under half an hour ! Since prawns does not require a lot of cooking…

Fried fish curry in coconut gravy

Whenever I fry fish I always think of how to use that oil with which the fish is fried, which…

Quick and easy Black pepper crab

A quick and easy crab roast, as the name says, is a 10 minute preparation for the weekend. If you get…

Crab Roast ( Kuttanadan Style)

Kuttanad in Kerala, India is famous for it’s paddy fields, the vast backwaters and a favourite tourist’s destination. This is…

Prawns Fry in Indian Spices

Prawns cooked in spices is a comfort food which reminds you of your childhood. This dish contains certain ingredients which makes it different…

Thai fish cakes ( Thai Fish Cutlet )

Thai fish cake is so yummy to eat .. This is a party favourite and my husband’s too..  🙂 Preparation…

Garlic and Chilli Prawns

A tasty dish which is a party favorite. The three main ingredients are the prawns, garlic and chilli. If you’re…

Prawns cooked in roasted coconut gravy ( Konju theeyal)

After sambar, theeyal is the next favourite of Malayalees.. My sister asked me to write this recipe. We’re separated by…

Tuna Masala

A quick dish for the busy day. You can use fresh or tin tuna for this recipe. If you’re using…

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